Sunday, September 6, 2015

New division: Konthroloyo Skateboarding

We've been hibernating quite a long while, no releases, almost 0 mailorder etc, thanks to my PhD study I really have not much time to do much. as you can see, we no longer run on The website url is that, so back to this classic blogspot address. All mailorder have been passed to our close partner [Dead]Bolt records. They carry all our stuff for your mailorder and do check them out as they've plan lots of awesome releases. We'd also would like to introduce our new department, which is Konthroloyo Skateboarding, and check out the first deck which is Themindlessshow 10 years anniversary. Most of Konthroloyo deck shall features local Malaysia DIY Hc Punk band graphics especially skate band for sure.Talking about Themindlessshow their semi discography will be out this October 2015, they've actually recorded a 14 tracks for their full length but epic failures continues probably it'll be out early next year..

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