Thursday, January 2, 2014

What ? it's 2014

World is not 2014 years old you idiot. 2014 or 4102 it's all rotting corpse. As you all know, we're hibernating. But we're still running the distro, We still resume Razorcake at limited quantity, you can get it at Tandang too, next issue will come with buttons and stickers. I know you'll dig that more.We don't bring in much stuff lately. Planned 100 releases this year but only one release this year.Yeap Hurricane CD. We still have tons of over stocks various title. Write for free stuff (you pay the shipping and packaging off course) What's pending will still be pending until further notice. Mindless Show shitz is still in progress, one of other local tape label will put it out on tape, Mavis Dirty Project tapes is also on going, well that's all 2013 report. If we owe you any shitz please do let us know. Stay sucky. Rick

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