Thursday, April 29, 2010

PISS 024: SMG "Peace Kills" [Tape]

Who the heck? : SMG
Release title: Peace Kills
Playing: Grind
Format: Tapes
How muuch?: RM6ppd/6USD postpaid worldwide (air)
Release Date: 24th April 2010
Qty Press: 100
Status: Sold Out
Front cover artwork by: Husni

This band is surely challenging Unholy Grave and Agathocles for the "Biggest discography ever" nomination on Guinness World Records. I first heard them on their split with Archagathus and from then on they put out a shitload of stuff, from tapes to vinyls. I wonder when a 80 CD discography box will come out!SMG is Malaysian uncompromising hate-fuelled grindcore devastation. 3 guys, one aim: destroy music! First side of the tape, called "Side Grind" has 4 grindcore songs dealing with several themes, from Afghanistan war to Ebay collectors ("Killed by O.O.P."), with the second song ("Smashed (totally smashed version)") being an alternate mix with different Sloth inspired vocals with some heavy metal riffs thrown in it. The second side is called "Side Noise Grind", and was released as "89 track EP" on 7'' by Nuclear Worship records. Well, 4 minutes, 89 songs of classic Bbbllleeeaaauurrrggghhhhness, with titles like "Pig Champion R.I.P.", "Liquor store paranoia", a couple wishing the best things ever to Marty Dwyer (Jerk Off records), and "Still waiting to do split with Napalm Death". A sound that will be appealing to all bulldozers drivers and 7 Minutes Of Nausea fans, you'll also find pop music intermissions during some songs! Raw as fuck mince/noise-core with a muddy and filthy DIY recording.The tape has a fucking awesome artwork by Randy, I love the drawing plus the collage styled inlay, plus the cover is printed on gold or red metallic paper, I never saw that before, and it's complete visual masturbation.Mincing sure ain't easy but this pure chaos filth assault is cool as fuck!Don't know how many copies of this were made, so get one before it's too late! - THE NOISE CORNER

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