Thursday, April 29, 2010


Title:Honor-Bound to Thrash Playing:HC Thrash/Raging HC metal
Format: 7" Vinyl (Thrash Ohoii side- 45 rpm/ Kesumat side 33 rpm)
Price: RM20ppd/RM18 by hand/USD6 by hand/USD11ppd world
Status: Available
Quantity: 330 pieces, 5 test press, we got 165
Front cover by: Husni
1.Co-release with Basement records, 2. cover version this is version from Pissart records
3.Come wih posters and obi strip

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Taken from Maximum RocknRoll #332 Jan 2011
Two Malaysian thrash hardcore bands rip it up with five tracks each. KESUMAT plays quick thrash hardcore with a skate thrash leaning that makes me hop around the room. Their sound is a bit like CONQUEST FOR DEATH with borderline anthem. THRASH OHOII also does the thrash hardcore thing but has more of that wonderful short. fast and loud thrash sound. Go! I love the cover art with the drawing of a skateboard with INFEST on the bottom of the deck. I hadn't heard of either band am surprised how much I like them. This rips. (MH)

What a nice surprise this is. The packaging is great. It includes a cool poster and a really thick slab of vinyl. (MAybe the thickest 7" i've ever seen) Both groups are Malaysian. Thrash OHOOII are a total HC thrash attack. They rip, despite the weird name. (Do they mean thrash ahoy? I really have no idea.) Kesumat are both slower and faster at times, and a lot darker. They are also very cool. This is 7" well worth checking out if you're into fast, heavy tunes.(And you should be!)- Ryan Horky

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