Thursday, April 29, 2010


Release title: Takeonemillpartysore
Playing: HC Thrash Grind Power Violence Crust
Format: CD
How muuch?: RM10 by hand/RM12ppd/9USD postpaid worldwide (air)
Release Date: 11th May 2010
Qty Press: 1000
Status: Available
Front cover artwork by: R.Husni SMG
Tracklist: Soon

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Taken from Shock n Awe #1
A pretty interesting 4 way split CD of everything fast, grinding and thrashing from PISSART RECORDS and I believe all the bands on this split are from Canada. THE DONNER PARTY is first with 8 tracks of not too metallic or too brutal grindcore. These guys are all over the place with their influences but still sound decent enough to make me keep on listening. The lyrics and images used suggested that they have a lot of interesting things to say besides blasting the 'sick' music.

Next on the split is EYESORE. In a strange way EYESORE remind me of AGENTS OF SATANS but they describe themselves as "CANNIBAL CORPSE when they were more of a folk band" on their Myspace.Pretty much the kind of grindcore I will keep on listening without getting bored. Fast, brutal and heavybut without the hip hop fixations that AGENT OF SATANS are known for. They also did pretty good cover of NAPALM DEATH's "Lucid Fairytale" if that's your thing. Any bands that have to come next after EYESORE will need to keep my interest going on and DARKMILL succeeded that with ease.

There is this death metal thing going on in their grindcore so you can expect some brutal and pulverizing grindcore that will not only appeal to the grinders but the metalheads too. Nothing new but they surely know how to make it sounds extremely good and interesting to this jaded ears.

The last band on this split is TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM. Now, this is pretty much a step down from the severe beat down serves by EYESORE and DARKMILL, but only stylistically.TOFTT thrashing hardcore might pulverize like DARKMILL but if you're a fan of this style, it won't you forever to enjoy them. There is some SPAZZ, some INFEST and some NO COMMENT thrown in so if you worship at the altar of WEST COAST POWERVIOLENCE, you will find this to be enjoyable.Really dig the lyrics because you got to love bands that can easily mix good hardcore music with loads of humors. All in all a really good split CD that highlights bands that I consider to be obscure and unkown. - hatta nirman Shock & Awe issue #01

Taken from Maximum RockNRoll #332 Jan 2011
This whole disc is heavy with the "spirit of 625"-a beautiful appreciation for SPAZZ and the lesser lights of the West Bay coalition. DONNER PARTY starts things off. They lack SPAZZ's crushing heaviness but have appropriated their goofy lyrics and to-the-point chaos. EYESORE is more reminiscent of the Neanderthal-ugly poundings and even uglier growlings of the early 625 catalog-EMETIC, AGENTS OF SATAN, etc. DARKMILL is the least consistent band here. They have the worst and the best song(s), mostly doing a third -or-fifth-rate SPAZZ, but turn out savage 55-second black/metal grind track. "Watch the News." which is a fucking sick rager. Yow! The disc is closed out by the disbanded TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM, who makes the most of their dual- guitar, dual-vocal attack by being closer to the plain ole blazing fast HC. They are mixing things up, even including little rocking parts, and they cover you-know-who's fine philosophical treatise."Let's Fucking Go." Overall there's mostly quality material here, but not a lot of straight-up killer shit. With 30 songs in 26 minutes, the shitty parts don't last long and you can listen to the good ones again and again. (JM)

Razorcake #?? Taken online > here
Four bands—The Donner Party, Eyesore, Darkmill, and Take One For The Team, respectively—offer up thirty tracks of grind. The first and last above have the most hardcore mixed in, Darkmill the most metal, and Eyesore opts for the full-on pummel. All are good at what they do and those who consider themselves fans of the genre will find much to satisfy their tastes here. –Jimmy Alvarado

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