Thursday, April 29, 2010


Release title: Split
Playing: Thrash HC/HC Punk
Format: Tape (50 yellow/50 black)
How muuch?: RM4 by hand/RM5ppd/6USD postpaid worldwide (air)
Release Date: June 2010
Qty Press: 100
Status: Available
Front cover artwork by:
Why the fuck do I have to go through this? It is painful to listen to a split where one of the bands is so good; it totally decimated the other band on the split. It is even more painful when the band that was decimated on that split is a band from this part of the world. TAKE IT BACK is probably one of those dime a dozen fast hardcore bands from INDONESIA that's hardly interesting to talk about.
Remember when there are millions of fast hardcore band from Indonesia at the height of the 625 fast hardcore craze? This is probably one of the remnants for that 'glorious' period in hardcore. Not bad but nothing much to talk about apart from the third song where they decided to put aside all the fast hardcore shitfor something more punk rock oriented. MOTHER SPEED on the other hand presented 5 tracks of rocking fast hardcore that are waybetter than the tracks from TAKE IT BACK. I am not giving some imperialist bullshit and acknowledge that everything from America is better.
We all know that there are enough stinkers from that part of the world to sink the whole country. It is just that they are doing it better than TAKE IT BACK. At least they sounded energetic and sincere enough to keep me listening to their side of the split more than once. I am not familiar with MOTHER SPEED so this is a pretty good introduction to them and I am more than eager to hear more. I would be getting this for the MOTHER SPEED side alone - hatta nirman

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