Monday, August 15, 2011

PISS:030 3 Way Split Thrash Detonation: MICHAEL CRAFTER, FAMILY MAN, INJAK MATI [CD]

What on earth?: Thrash Detonation, 3 Way split: MICHAEL CRAFTER, FAMILY MAN, INJAK MATI
How Much?: RM10ppd/ 9USD postpaid registered

Split CD of the craziest South East Asia Tour July 2011. Michael Crafter is two piece grindcore/powerviolence act from Dee Why, Sydney. Offering 6 new songs with one doom song not to be missed. Family Man is seriously rocking archaic hardcore-punk band from Germany's capital city Berlin featuring members of ATOMGEVITTER, Seriously you must check out this band, Heavy shit, crazy riffs, a must! . This is fast classic hardcore-punk with a few modern twists. Seven songs taken from both of their full length releases. Injakmati, Indonesian raw grind bulldozer outfit blasting with five songs taken from their split with Black Sister.


  1. I've here'd this album and the guitar riffs are really amazing.
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  2. I hope I get a chance to watch them live when they they tour. Thanks.
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