Tuesday, June 21, 2011

PISS 028: ATOMGEVITTER "Thrash Ritual" CD

Huh??: Thrash Ritual
Uhmm: RM10ppd/ 9 USD

7 years in the making, 'debut' album Thrash Ritual is out out now. 40 tracks from various different recording sessions over the years, over half unreleased, all remastered, re plastered and rethrashtered for your bed room circle pitting pleasure. If your more of the chillin out in a chair with cup of herb tea whilst listening to 3 Scots and a Kraut thrash themselves senseless persuasion you can enjoy the 24page full colour booklet full of lyrics, explanations, humerous tales, badly lit pictures of us falling over on stage in far away lands etc whilst blastin this little beauty

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