Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wam up!

Back in 2006 the first volume of Ultrasardin hit Alam Sentral (a crappy shopping complex in S.A city) some crazy fucks showed up being really crazy. Now Ultrasardin is back again bearing that ultrasardine simply potray small space, tons of crazy punks, having some crazy time.This time we present to you bands with their new releases and some really old punks we dearly miss them live on stage! This awesome flyers is created by M.Sanchez.Cheers!


  1. menyardin la korang hahaha

  2. punya syok sampai terlupa tak boleh bernapas, dan berlaku kejadian sesak napas dan pitam jugak dikalangan kutu-kutu hahaha, nanti kau buat lah sardin no.3 pula. viva la ultrasardin!

  3. lupa pulak, ada kutu terputus tali jam jugak, radikal! ha ha ha