Sunday, July 25, 2010


Who the heck? : GASOLINE GRENADE (Malaysia) /THE MINDLESS SHOW (Malaysia)
Release title: Cucumbered punx with Unhappy Meal
Playing: Punk rawk
Format: Tapes
How muuch?: RM7ppd/6USD postpaid worldwide (air)
Release Date: 24th April 2010
Qty Press: 200
Status: Available
Front cover artwork by: Husni
Layout: Khabir n Shah

1. Co-release with Puremind records
2. Come with 2011 posters



I am always cautious with every melodic pop punk bands. I am not a convert of the NOFX/FATWRECK church of melodic punk rock and I don't see this changing any time soon. I always have these sickly feelings when hearing some melodic punk rock that don't caters to losers and real punk rockers.
Anyway, good punk rock is good punk rock regardless if it is melodic or not. Both bands are from MAlaysia and this has probably been in the works for a very long time as evident from the liner notes. GASOLINE GRENADE is on side A and they rips with 5 anthemic and melodic punk rock that will get you losing your head and your voice (due to excessive sing along) in the mosh pit. Now this is the kind of melodic punk rock I have no issues listening to. It got balls and don't cater to teenage girls and boys on the look out for the next boy band to be the pin up in their rooms or in some extreme cases, the object of their lustful desires.PISSART describe them as being influenced by I FARM, PROPAGANDHI, SCREECHING WEASELS and YOUR MOTHER. Can't say how accurate that is but if it is coming from the label, it has got to be true. Damn it, I want more. Hope they have something in the works.
THE MINDLESS SHOW is on the side B and they don't disappoint either. Similar to GASOLINE GRENADE but without the urgency and the overtly MTV pop punk feel that I always ignorantly associated with melodic punk rock.Some of the songs are bordering to hardcore so that's sure to get me going for a while. I am pretty impressed with what I am hearing on this split tape and can't wait to get my hands on their split 5" with SMG- Hatta Nirman

This split cassette release between two Malaysian bands is a reminder of just how global punk is. Both bands play relatively mainline hardcore, but with a freshness/vitality that you rarely get out of U.S. suburban counterparts. The recordings are raw and listening to it on cassette feels like checking out a breakthrough demo tape back in the day. The lyrics are primarily in English, except for one of the songs, “Dilarang Melarang,” which is in Malay. Both bands play fast hardcore, with vocals ranging from screamed to melodic. There are some kids having a blast with these guys somewhere in Malaysia. And that’s a comforting thought. –Art Ettinger (Pure Minds, / Pissart,

Hell yes! Man, releases like this one make me glad I still have a functioning cassette player. Both bands are from Malaysia and I'm happy to say both band pretty much rip. I'm sadly not that aware of the Malaysian punk scene, but this tape makes me want to start digging a little deeper. Both bands offer up a nice dose of mid-tempo pop punk done in such an earnest fashion that even an old fart like me has to take notice. Nice packaging, cool art and good production make this a total winner.-Garret Barnwell

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