Wednesday, December 9, 2009

January 2010 Show?!

after a looong gig hiatus, finally we're involved in a show. Thanks to Nervhous Records for inviting us to join this awesome project, so we send down Deforming Torture and Diseksa. Both band are good at tortures. There will also be touring band which is Nudist Island and Rosemary from indonesia. So mark your diy calendar buddy and see you there!
here some details about the band:
1. Diseksa- grind keseksaan
2. Deforming Torture- grind kematian
3. Spokesman- no info yet
4. Infinite Delay -violence addmath grind madness
5. Blood on Wedding Dress - Epic-tech-calculus grind craziness
6. Stick No Bill -Sekapangrok
7. Endzeil -Hard as heck metal core
8. Nudist Island- Pop punk hula la from indonesia
9. Never Found-i haven't found the details yet
10. Rosemary-punk rock gatal
Nervhous Records
Red Ink Entertainment
Third Arm Records
Pissart records

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