Saturday, September 12, 2009

PISS 017: V/A SENANDUNG PAWER-KORD "Saduran Pop 80'an ole Kugiran Perasan"

Who the heck? : Check out track list below!
The titly title: Senandung Pawer-Kord"Saduran Pop 80'an Oleh Kugiran Perasan
Where on earth?: Malaysia
Format: CD
Give us your: RM15/RM16 by mail /10USD Postpaid Worldwide
Release Date: 12 September 2009
Length: coming soon
Qty Press: 1000 (We got 100)
Status: Awaiting incoming
Current Qty: 100
Front cover artwork by: Napi Stick No Bill
1. T.I.M - Dia (Sheila Majid)
2. Carbon 4 Teen - Gadis Ayu (Black Dog Bone)
3. Toxictoy - Antara Cinta dan Kasih (Aishah)
4. 679 - Chow Kitt Road (Sudirman)
5. Half-Asleep - Sinaran (Sheila Majid)6. Skunkfix - Masih Aku Terasa (Gersang)
7. Killing Steward - Basikal Tua (Sudirman)
8. The Liberals - Penganggur (Sudirman)
9. Soul Savior - Khabar Buat Ibu (Alleycats)
10. Stick No Bill - Hanya Di Radio (Headwind)
11. Cock Say Cock Dung - Suratan Takdir (Gersang)
12. Sally Faerie - Wajah Rahsia Hati (Fauziah Ahmad Daud)
13. Always Last - Persamaan (Freedom)
14. Geng Gemok Keji - Hingga Akhir Nanti (Alleycats)
15. Moda Moody - Gadis Dan Bunga (Rahimah Rahim)
16. Sleepyjeremy - Ayahku Dan Angkasawan (Kembara)
17. Dum Dum Tak - Rupa Tanpa Wajah (Kembara)

Here some short description from us: Another rad "dangerous" just-for-serious-ass-fun project spearheaded by NERVHOUS Recs, a malaysian punk rock documentation in giving some respect and salute to the oldies pop. It's turn out to be another hilarious spoof or deadly polished techy tunes. Featuring 17 indipendent DIY Malaysian HC/Punk rock band covering 80's pop in their bizzare manipulation and style;line up include: T.I.M, Carbon 4 Teen, Toxictoy, 679, Half-Asleep, Killing Steward, The Liberals, Soul Savior, Stick No Bill, Cock Say Cock Dung, Sally Faerie, Always Last, Geng Gemok Keji, Moda Moody, Sleepyjeremy, Dum Dum Tak.We only have 100 pieces!no booking! first come first serve!

Notes from Nervhous Recs: This is a compilation of Malaysian 80's pop songs covered and ruined with these bands own styles.

Note: co-release with NERVHOUS RECHORDS!

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