Monday, June 29, 2009

PISS 015:SCUM SYSTEM KILLS "We Live in The Cracks Of This Decaying State" [Tapes]

Playing: Crust/D-beat/Hc/Punk
Where: Sydney Austalia
Release title: We Live in The Cracks Of This Decaying State
Format: Tapes
Pay no more than: RM 5ppd/USD4
Release Date: June 2009
Length: 20 +- mins
Qty Press:130 (White)
Status: Sold Out
Current Qty: 110
Cover design: SCUM SYSTEM KILLS edited by Khabir
1.The Wealthy Undead
2.Get Amongst The Garbage
3.Cure worst than the disease
4.We are the punks
5.Burn it Down
6.Call to arms
7.Get your own friends
8.Disaster Looms Overhead
Reviews Coming Soon

1.Originally released in 7" format
2.Released within 1 week! I asked for clear transparent tapes but get a white one, awesome!
3.30 pcs on red sleeve cover!

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