Monday, June 8, 2009

PISS 011 - THE MINDLESS SHOW / SMG split [5"]

What on Earth?: SMG/THEMINDLESSSHOW split
Format: 5" vinyl
Status: Sold Out
Front Cover artwork: Husni

What is a wicked split by two wicked bands doing here in 5" record? I need to put my tidy finger to locate my turntable's stylus to get it to the right hairline on this tiny record. Well SMG delivered some fast grinding mayhem ala DAMAGE DIGITAL and sometimes they slow it down ala MITB. I only made some blunt assumptions on the band influences to relate to their band's sound, though i've been following SMG since their OPPROBIUM ADORNMENT era. SMG hasnow really progressed with countless of split 7" vinyl release, split cassette-tape, CDs etc and i think today they're the best raw grind band in town and the most hardworking one! The recording quality on this record is to me a quite good one, you can hear the guitar's sound, the snare beat, and the voice is clear. I hope they will maintain their recording quality as this one. THE MINDLESS SHOW on the other side is a raging melodic punkrock band ala SERPICO, D4 and those bands from the early catalog of SANJAM RECORDS (france), SUBURBAN HOME RECORDS (USA) etc. I want to cite SMG song's title 'Secretly Listen to Emo'-not on this split-would translate TMS sound, it's the feeling of punk dudes who like melodic stuff while listening to fast music at the same time. Ok this release is a collectible item. The artwork is so very nice freehand drawing by Aboi SMG. The packaging is awesome too bro! If your're a fan of true art HC/Punk, you must get the initiative to get this record! And the only complaint from me is, Aboi, why do you choose your nickname as Randy? That's a goddamn bad nickname man! (Fizan Fitz)

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