Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cancelled: BARRYxPRIMA/CINTA MONYET "Cotrariwise" Split CD

Although our name were printed in the sleeves, we had to called it off/cancel it as our money to join this release has fall into the wrong hand (postman lah kot..), to Ilam sorry for the previous blog posts (Ahah! shitsy & Rip off alert in myspace) and for some misunderstanding among us, I've learned a lot from this release( wanna learn? contact me personally).oiya, you can still order this pro CDr from Green Peace distro, Wolverine distro (<--- their money were luckily been funnily half ripped by the postmen. ridiculous shit. BM translate: duit yang dihantar oleh dua label nih hanya di curi separuh bahagian sahaja oleh posmenkot haha baiiik nye posmenkot ni, duit aku di kebasnye sume haha babi btol) or from the main organizer from Indonesia Masturbasi Kultural distro. (good luck with ordering !)
I don't know when will this stuff will be release, most probably it will be out within May09?, Ilam from Masturbasi Kultural Distro invited Pissart to join this release, as you can see there will be about 5 label from Malaysia and Indonesia teaming up with to put out this split CD , heres a wee bit about the bands:-

CINTA MONYET ; They are fun overdriving thrash grindcore from Depok Indonesia worshipping sifus like Betercore, Vitamin X, do check out their myspace

BARRYxPRIMA ; Evil grinding violence also from Indonesia, formerly known as Nostradamus and also featured in some compilations, more info? visit:

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