Friday, January 16, 2009

PISS 010: CUM SOCK "Resinstinks" [CDr]

Artist Name : CUM SOCK (Raw grind)
Country: Canada
Release title:Resin Stinks
Format: CD-r
Price: RM 5 ppd/3 USD ppd
Release Date: Dec 2008
Length: coming soon
Qty Press: 150
Status: SOLD OUT
Current Qty: 55
Coming soon
Cover Artwork : Khabir


CUM SOCK - RESINSTINKS(13 track CD) PISSART RECORDS: Canada's CUMSOCK has hit us with another load right in the face. This time around they seem even more pissed off sounding spastic slab of Noisecore. The music is all over the place, just like it's supposed to be. There are experimental elements of Grind, Noise & Death Metal all mixed within. The songs are pretty short for the most part, but they hit you right in the gut. Songs include "Punch To The Face", "Pissing Out My Ass", "Drunk As Fuck" & "Don't Jerk Off In My Shower". What did you expect, it's CUMSOCK for crying out loud. If you think you can handle the load then pick up your copy of "RESINSTINKS"

1.Delayed Release since 2006!!I was about to dismiss it hahaha
2.CUM SOCK's early recording, dang!

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