Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Formerly known as Kiss N Piss Records established in late 1998. Releasing DIY home dubbed, burned CDs and tapes. The name changed to Pissart Records during the third releases which is within mid 2000. We would like to encourage you to write to us and send us your stuff as we're looking forward to colaborate and release your fuckin stuff, no specific genre, the key is the harder/faster/killer/raw/whatever will be better.

We produce any sort of pissed DIY no bigot shit stuff, so let's work together ok.Let's together put out your tapes or CDs,CD-rs, Vinyls whatever shit.No profit shit pumpin just for fun and mainly to activate the international DIY HC Punk network and activities.Stuff were sell at cheap price covering the mail and some other unholy crap shit cost.Well you know it.

We're also looking for honest traders/distributors/co release label! do send out your list ok! Zine editors, bloggers individuals send us your address to get a free copies of our stuff.

So everybody contact us NOW!

the shitworkers

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  1. nice blog setting.. kalau rajin singgah ke blog aku ..
    support your local scene
    hidup S.A.U.S.!